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GHP – Livraison en masse

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A part quelques mixes, cela faisait un moment que l’on avait rien eu de Mark Vidler A.K.A Go Home Production et voila que d’un seul coup, il nous balance 6 bootlegs tout droit sortis de son WFMU Mix 2004 Part 1 :

Beautiful Outkast Band
Christina Aguilera / Outkast / Wings
Beautiful / Hey Ya / Band On The Run

Public Can
Public Enemy & Moby / Can / George Michael
Make Love Fuck War / I’m So Green / Outside

John Lennon / Paul McCartney
Stand By Me / Beautiful Night

Tomorrow’s Seeds
The Seeds / The Beatles
Just Let Go / Tomorrow Never Knows

Message Of Love
Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five / XTC
The Message / Love At First Sight

Imagine The Game
Queen / John Lennon
Play The Game / Imagine

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